A Blush Dress + Giant Bow for this Chic Southern Bride

We see our fair share of weddings around here so when a detail pops up that we’ve never, ever seen before, well, we get pretty excited. And this Southern wedding didn’t disappoint: can we say cookies and milkshakes served in champagne flutes after a night of dancing!? Brilliant. Add in the Bride’s blush gown and we’re not forgetting this one anytime soon. Luckily Eliza Morrill captured it all in our gallery for safe keeping.


From Eliza Morrill PhotographyCaroline and Taylor’s wedding was the perfect mix of tradition and creativity – classic and stunning flowers, invitations, and bridal party attire, with just a few funky twists. The biggest of those, though, was Caroline’s BLUSH wedding dress!

Though Caroline had originally planned to wear her mother’s dress, just as her two older sisters did, the plan changed. “Being the third daughter, I was going to follow my sisters lead and wear my mom’s dress as well,” Caroline said. “So as we are in Chris Hudson’s studio deciding how to make the old dress my own, I noticed the most breathtaking blush pink wedding gown on the dress form next to me. There was no way I was leaving that day without trying it on! As soon as I got the dress half way over my head I knew — that was the dress I was going to get married in!”

Truly, it was. The blush halter dress boasted a beautiful bow that fell perfectly down her back.

Though Caroline and Taylor opted for a more traditional ceremony, their reception was anything but. Taking place at the Georgia Theatre, one of the most well-known music venues in the South, guests danced the night away to Atlanta Rhythm and Groove.

Aside from her blush dress, Caroline wore a bespoke gold hair piece and pink satin shoes with bows, while her bridesmaids wore floor-length, navy taffeta dresses. Taylor and his groomsmen wore white dinner jackets with black pants and bow ties, which tied it together perfectly. Though it rained for the better part of the day, the two shared an intimate first look outdoors under a small pergola in the church’s gardens.

After the ceremony, guests walked a half-block to the Georgia Theatre, where the marquee lit up Caroline and Taylor’s names. The venue was transformed by Caroline, her mother, and European Floral Design. Georgia Theatre’s Drew Beskin helped to make their every idea a reality: chandeliers suspended above the stage, intimate high tops adorned with candles and flowers, and an impressive display of some of Athens’ greatest food.

Music and craft beer flowed as they each shared dances with their parents, as well as Caroline and her grandfather. Guests enjoyed all three stories of the Georgia Theatre, as well as a perfect sunset on their rooftop bar, overlooking downtown Athens, Georgia. After a long night of dancing, guests were served cookies and milkshakes in champagne flutes before the couple ran through confetti and sped off in a vintage car. It was truly magical!


Photo credit via Eliza Morrill Photography
Article credit via Style Me Pretty