More About Chris Hudson

Once settled in Georgia, Christie designed for Cornelia Powell, Prissy Swearingen, and Snooty Hooty in Atlanta. But increasingly she developed her own devoted clientele, and now she works almost exclusively out of her studio in Madison Georgia. Clients wax eloquent in their praise of Christie. Says Ann Cabaniss of Athens, Georgia for whom she has remade, restored and designed garments (including a wedding gown for Ann’s daughter Julie), “Christie has enabled me to develop a sense of style I never knew I had. She is unique, and her vintage style is a great joy. She is superb: warm and utterly charming.”

Christie has also established a reputation as a designer for designers. One case in point is Barbara Rushing, an associate who worked for Stan Topal Interior design for thirteen years. Barbara owns here own compay called “Across the Pond.”‚ “She was totally fabulous with my daughters wedding dresses and everything else that came down the aisle (my dress and the bridesmaid’s gowns). From a picture in a magazine she created a dress that suited my daughter Beth’s dream for herself,” Barbara says.

Since that time I have retained Christie to design various garments for me from fabrics from some of my jobs. “For example, after completing a house for Elton John, Barbara commissioned a suit in raw silk from leftover bedroom wall hangings and a khaki-colored Quilted barn jacket and flat wool skirt.”

When a textile manufacturer in Scotland sent Barbara a gift of various bolts of wool, she had Christie Hudson fashion a single garment with sleeves, cuffs, back and front of varying tweeds. “Thanks to Christie, I am increasingly known to clients by my clothes ,which exhibit an unusual fashion twist. I work on houses specifically for people, and designs clothes specifically for me.”

“She admires Christie’s passion for ideas and calls her a true genius.. But totally apart from her genius, she is the nicest person I have ever met.”

“I see my studio as a house of couture. Couture is architecture, sculpting, molding,” she says. “Every piece is new; every idea is a challenge. Working with a client, I become a part of them, and they become a part of me. We listen‚ and together we make a beautiful object,” says Christie.

“Eloquent about style she is equally adept in retro or contemporary design. Her knowledge of tradition coupled with her ability to predict the newest styles allow her to pin, drape beautiful fabrics (30 years of collecting fabrics, laces, buttons, and 4 new collections of fabrics a year) designing them on the client, into precise and immaculate works of art.

Her client list is long, from New York to California, from Georgia; Athens, Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Thomasville, and Sea Island.

“My aspirations,” she says as she glances at her most recent design sketches, “are more wonderful all the time. I never get over the excitement of a new client or new piece.

(an excerpt from an article written by Frances Taliaferro Thomas)